This is what a green juice does with you

Green costs money”. Do you know that statement? According to our style master Bodo Breg, green is a color that is difficult to sell in fashion. But if you look at my supplements stash, it is really the color green that takes the upper hand and sells like a silly one. At least, at least to me. Green refers to fresh vegetables, eternal youth, mountain energy and an overload of vitamins and minerals. The greener the color, the happier my body and soul become. One of my good green friends who is standard on the counter, I would like to introduce to you: it is the pot green juice powder from Superfoodies. It would just be possible that after a week of use you are ‘hooked’ just like me …

Rejuvenation and more energy: this is what a week green juice with you does

Every morning when I wake up and have my bathroom rituals on it, I walk to the kitchen counter. Then I grab my cozy brown apothecary jar with green powder, mix a teaspoon of about 100 ml of water and drink it. I feel clean and cheerful afterwards, as if I provide my body with the best fuel to start the day after a night of rest. In the past, a ginger shot belonged to my morning ritual on an empty stomach. But since I know that according to the Ayurveda for Vata / Pita people types like me not wise, I went looking for an alternative. Ginger, in fact, boosts Pita and because of its sharpness, the digestive system is quite aggressive. This is therefore not recommended for anyone with a sensitive stomach and intestines.

Drinking nature as a stress reducer

Of course I know that the most important basis for a healthy and fit body is a varied biological unprocessed diet. However, this is not always possible for anyone with a busy existence. I eat and live 80% healthy myself. The other 20% consists of coffee and stress. Especially that stress is a point of attention. It is created by living in a busy city with so many different people, and the mix of energies that everyone brings. But also the difficult distance from work and the continuous flow of communication are well-known emptiers. I sometimes miss a forest nearby to easily unload. And because my house is still in Amsterdam and will continue to do so for the time being, I like to take life out of nature in a different way. The best of the land and the sea comes together in the green juice.

Ashwagandha: balances hormone balance

Green Juice from Superfoodies is a vegan and organic energy drink based on vegetables, herbs, algae, fruit and probiotics. Converted it costs only € 0.57 per glass per day. And yes, that’s cheaper than a can of energy drink where your body really gets a stressful opter because of the sugars and added chemicals. CureMSnow suggests these 5 nutritional supplements:

1) Green powder including wheatgrass
2) Spirulina / chlorella supplement (algae)
3) Antioxidants
4) Probiotics for healthy intestines
5) Vitamin C supplement

There are also hormone balancing herbs such as Ashwagandha. Ideal for stress and in favor of a smarter head. Because the less stress the less wrinkles. Of course the powder is sugar-free and there are no senseless fillers in it. I drink it myself with water but you can also drink it with coconut water or apple juice if you like something sweeter. Or mix the powder in a smoothie (bowl). The possibilities are endless in that respect. Do you join? I’m curious about your Green Juice moments. As you can see on the image above, I go through the fire for my daily shot. Without that I mix it in my favorite coffee bar in a glass of fresh water from the tap, when I accidentally forgot the green gold at home.

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