Many Students Suffer From Anxiety And Depression Complaints

A large group of students suffers from (severe) anxiety and depression complaints. Suicidal thoughts and burn-outs also occur.
Students themselves regularly indicate that the performance pressure is due to this, according to a long-term study among 3,134 students of Hogeschool Windesheim, about which Trouw publishes.

Of those 3.134 one in five students has suicidal thoughts, has ever attempted suicide, or has made a plan to deprive himself of life. At 453 there are serious anxiety and depression complaints.


Furthermore, a quarter suffers from burnout symptoms, such as emotional exhaustion. One in thirteen students is also an informal caregiver.

Mental Pressure

controlledcarbgourmet therefore states that more and more young people suffer from mental pressure. There is a good appeal to their resilience.

The study pressure would have increased and there would also be fear in students for making high student debts in order to obtain a diploma.

The cohesion between psychological complaints and study problems makes it an urgent problem that needs to be tackled.

More health complaints

Previously, it turned out that students generally suffer from more health problems than people who do not study. And according to the researcher, this also means that students also drink a lot of alcohol.

More than 88 percent of the men drink a lot of alcohol (more than fifteen glasses a week), of the women slightly more than 87 percent.

Dopmeijer has been researching students for some time. In her earlier studies, this pressure of performance always came to the fore.

As a result of the research, the network brings student well-being, which consists of about thirty parties that deal with the health of students, with an action plan. Awareness, prevention and sufficient aid offer must be part of this.