Gynecomastia treatment by liposuction or surgery

Breast reduction surgery in men consists of removing excess fat or glandular tissue that causes breast formation. Breast forming in the man, also called gynecomastia, is relatively common. In young adults, about 10% of the male population suffer from breast formation and in older men this increases to about 30%.

There are several reasons for the development of breast formation in men, such as:

    • Overweight;
    • A hormonal imbalance;
    • A disease;
  • And side effects of some medications.

Usually, however, there is not one clear cause to identify and there is genetic predisposition for gynecomastia (breast formation).

The consultation

Each cosmetic doctor will schedule a consultation before it goes into a breast-reducing operation. During this consultation the complete medical history is checked. There are several ways to treat gynecomastia surgically. The choice for surgery depends, among other things, on the type and severity of the condition.

Gynecomastia due to excessive glandular tissue

This form of breast formation is often visible in young men in puberty or just after puberty. The excess glandular tissue can be removed by means of an incision (cut) around the nipples and cut-out of the tissue behind the nipple. Scars remain around the nipple. This form of breast formation can occur in all age groups. This fat can be removed with liposuction.

Gynecomastia due to excessive fat and skin folds

This variant exists in many forms and can look like a female breast in its worst form. For this operation more incisions (incisions) have to be made and therefore more scars will remain. During this operation, the doctor will cut away excessive skin and fat tissue during the operation. When the breast is very hanging, the doctor will also ‘reform’ the breast. If necessary, the teat can also be moved in this case.

Most breast-reducing operations can take place within 90 minutes. In general, the operation will be carried out under complete anesthesia, but sometimes there may also be opted for local anesthesia and possibly a scowl.

Recovery after breast reduction in men

The recovery depends on the chosen treatment method. Usually the recovery of a liposcopy treatment is faster than that of an operative correction. After the treatment, the chest will be swollen and painful for a few days. To counteract the swelling, the patient will often be advised to wear a tight vest or corset in the first two weeks to six weeks after surgery. Optionally, paracetamol can be swallowed against the pain.

In the first three weeks after the operation, effort must be limited, and sports and heavy work is usually not recommended. After the first three weeks, more may be moved. However, it usually takes six weeks before fully normal exercise and (intensive) exercise is recommended. Most men can resume their (office) work after about a week, of course this depends on the type of work and the extent of the intervention.

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