Strength training: Getting an athletic body


A so-called ‘v-shape’ is a well-known term in the world of bodybuilding. It means that you have an athletic-looking v-shape in the upper body and that can give a very nice look to your entire body. Three muscle groups can ensure that you get a v-shape and that is your shoulders, back and hips.

The v-shape

Muscular arms and a large torso will probably be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bodybuilders. However, these are not the main targets when they hang from the weights. A goal of many bodybuilders in strength training is to get a ‘v-shape’ in the upper body.

Your shoulders

It all starts at the top of your shoulders . This is probably the most important muscle group of all three. Wide shoulders can give a whole different dimension to your upper body. After all, your shoulders determine how broad you really look. One is born with some broader shoulders than the other, but everyone can have well-trained shoulders. Two exercises that can help you:
Shoulder press
Side lateral raise

The side lateral raise

The most popular shoulder exercise is the shoulder press. But is that right? The shoulder press is without doubt an excellent exercise for more muscle mass, but if you want to have wider shoulders then you should shift your attention to the side lateral raise. In this exercise you grab two dumbells that you then raise sideways. This activates the lateral deltoids , or the sides of your shoulders. This is certainly an exercise that you must add to your training schedule.

The shoulder press

The lateral raise thus creates broader shoulders, but the front deltoids , or the fronts of your shoulders, are not emphatically activated with this exercise. And that happens with the dumbell shoulder press. You exercise this exercise by sitting on a fitness bench and placing your back against the handrail. Then you raise the dumbells to shoulder height and press them all the way up. Well-trained front and sides of the shoulders give you a totally balanced look, so this exercise is also very important.

Your back

When we go down a little in the upper body, we reach your back , or your wings. The term wings in bodybuilding comes down to the two wings under your armpits when you stick out your arms. A muscle group that generally receives less attention. And that is unjustified. Having wide wings that fit well with broad shoulders can give a whole athletic look to your body. After all, your wings are just below your shoulders. It is important that you can distinguish between the exercises that provide more width and thickness in your back. In this case, the exercises that help you are more important.
Lat pulldown

The pull-up

Many beginners have not included the pull-up in their training schedule because they simply can not perform this exercise. And that is a shame, because the pull-up is perhaps the best exercise to get those wide wings. Just as it took a lot of time and effort to do your first ten perfect push-ups, it will also be difficult to be able to pull up for the first time.

You perform the pull-up with your own body weight. You therefore do not need access to a gym with weights to do a pull-up. The only thing you need is something you can pull yourself up to. And that can be anything. It is just how creative you can be. Think for example of a climbing frame at your local playground.

The lat pulldown

When you can not yet perform a pull-up, the lat pulldown is an excellent exercise. Every gym has a lat pulldown machine. Make sure that a barbell is attached to this machine so that you can perform the exercise. Then grab the barbell overhand, lean slightly backwards and raise the barbell to chest height. Making swing movements and having no control over the barbell is common in this exercise. If you experience this yourself, lower the weight.

Your hips

Eventually we arrived at the last of the three muscle groups: the hips . To get a v-shape in the upper body, narrow hips are of crucial importance. When you have broad shoulders and wings and are completed with narrow hips, the perfect v-shape is created in the upper body. But the hips are a complex muscle group. Why? You can not make your hips narrower. The bone structure of your hips is genetically determined and therefore you can not do anything about it.


Getting Pregnant Tips

Are you looking for tips to become pregnant? The choice for a child is an important moment in your life. In this article we give you tips on lifestyle, nutrition and exercise. Does Apex Booty Pop Works We also have tips for men so read on soon!

Tip 1. As a woman, pay attention to when you are fertile

Of course you stop taking contraception and keep an eye on your cycle. During your ovulation (ovulation) you are the most fertile. But how do you know when that is? If you have a regular cycle, you can calculate that fairly easily. Your ovulation is about 14 days before the first day of your next menstruation. If you do not have a regular cycle, you can often also notice ovulation in a different way. For example because your body temperature rises, your breasts get sensitive or because the mucus from the cervix is ??clear and transparent. Some women may even feel their ovulation.

Tip 2. Lifestyle

Are you used to hanging out the party animal? Do you smoke? Or maybe you ever use drugs? Then it is important that you change your lifestyle before you start a pregnancy. Of course that is easier said than done. When you want to stop with certain habits, it can be very difficult. That is why it is important that you go through a number of steps. For example, consciously choose a change. And also decide exactly what you want to change, and make that very specific. Do not forget that every change is a process, and that therefore takes time.

Tip 3. Strive for a healthy weight

If you are overweight or too light, this can have a negative impact on your fertility. That is why it is important that you aim for a healthy weight even before you try to become pregnant. But both arriving and losing weight can be very difficult. We have set out a number of steps for you to help you achieve a healthy weight. Consider, for example, to go to the doctor, and possibly have you tested for diabetes there. It is also smart to calculate your BMI once. That way you know exactly whether you have overweight or underweight. Also try to exercise enough and avoid binge eating.

Tip 4. Smoking, alcohol and drugs during your pregnancy

We know that alcohol is bad for your child. We also know that you better not smoke during your pregnancy. The drugs can also better be left aside if you want to become pregnant. The risks are great when you smoke, drink or use drugs during your pregnancy. First, all of these resources have a bad influence on your fertility. That means that you may not get pregnant at all as long as you drink, smoke or use drugs. But that is not the only thing. The harmful substances from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs reach your child through your blood. And a fetus is not yet able to break down those substances. As a result, these harmful substances have an extremely bad influence on your child.

Are You Thinking Of Breast Enlargement Surgery

Are you considering a breast augmentation? I share my tips! In 2015 I had my breasts bigger at Velthuis Kliniek in Rotterdam. From the moment I chose to do it, I shared my experiences on my blog site and via my vlogs on Youtube. I have actually discussed topics such as: the factor, the way to it, the operation and the recovery. I have no regrets that I made this option and I more than happy with it every day. Likewise very sweet that I have actually received so much assistance from people/ followers who sympathize!

Anyway, in this blog I want to share my pointers. Right at the bottom of the short article I will post some connect to my previous blog sites on this subject.


The start. You have chosen that you would like a breast enhancement, but do not know where to start. Research is everything! Make the effort for this. A year or more is certainly not crazy. After all, it is your body and surgery that you will undergo later.

♥ Have a look around (on the web) if there is a clinic in the area. Is the impression good? Take a good look at the evaluations. There are a lot of experiences from females who have actually been to various centers and have been treated by different doctors. In some cases they likewise share before and after pictures. You may get an impression of how a particular breast size looks like with a certain body shape. All details has been consisted of.

On the platform you can read more about breast enhancement surgical treatment, recovery and risks. You can also compare clinics and expenses and check out and share the needed experiences.

♥ Are you as much as date online? Then it is time to make a first assessment with the selected clinic.

I went for Velthuis right after 1 assessment, but I can safely imagine that you go there for instance with 3 different ones. Let yourself be well informed and do not be afraid to ask questions. Otherwise, take a list of points and request them. Do you have a great sensation? Then this clinic might fit you! If not, do not let anything be stated. You are in charge of your own body!

♥ I believed the best part was fitting the breast prostheses. There are many various types, sizes and shapes. I thought I had actually picked the right size, but I went back for an extra pass session.

Eventually I picked a size larger and I was really delighted with that! I read so often that females wished to have a bigger size afterwards. Due to the fact that it is not that bad. I can join myself here. The most important thing is exactly what you believe is gorgeous and of course what the medical professional encourages you with your very own breasts and body shape.

♥ Check whether the center has a quality mark and with exactly what kind of (brand) prostheses they work. Do you wish to be round or anatomical? Above or below the pectoral muscle? Or possibly “double aircraft” published? Once again, take your time, do your research and get recommendations.

♥ Do you have a budget plan? Select quality ladies! Notify the specific costs of the breast enhancement. Is everything included? Are there any additional costs? Do you have to stay over night after the operation? And is there a program that guides you throughout the healing after the operation?


The knot is cut through and you go all out. Good for you! Preparation is extremely important for the recovery later. Assume that you will not have the ability to do anything in the coming days and do not do heavy lifting or home chores at all. Driving is likewise not done. How are you going to do that?!

♥ You require aid anyway. You need to organize this in TIME. Can a family member or friend aid? Do they have time to assist you or do they need to ask freely? If it does not work right away, you can see if 2 people can alternate for example. Do you have kids? Then you really have to be a sitter. Discuss your house circumstance with the medical professional, so that he can think along and let you know what you can and can not do without your recovery being in the method. Also consider who will take you to the center and select it up …

♥ You may forget due to the fact that of the tension. The groceries! Do mindful shopping and purchase in well. You can refrain from doing this yourself after the operation anyhow and you make it simple to obtain internal if there suffices food and beverage. If you like it, you can freeze fresh meals or make meal prepping.

♥ You will soon more than happy with your new façade, but first you have an excellent healing. You do not need to be “beautiful” in this period. Healing is the most important. As preparation you can buy a great, sturdy sports bra, loose comfortable clothes for the day of the operation and great pajamas.

♥ The day before the operation you can clean up and prepare your bedroom. It can likewise be a bed in the living-room. Extra pads for assistance, water bottles, battery chargers, medications and side stools or tables are useful if you can move restricted.

♥ Do you live far away from the clinic? Possibly an option to stay over night in a hotel. Also talk about whether there is a choice to stay over night at the center. It does not have to, however in many cases it is not so hassle-free to ask. If you remain overnight it is nice to have a bag all set with things.


The special day! I think you must be sober, so follow the instructions you have actually received and take any medications if they have actually been recommended. Read all info from the medical professional/ center well and dress your comfy. This is not a fashion show however an operation!

♥ Be on time, inform your aid in your home and aim to relax. This is the moment you have been waiting on so long. Do you have a bag with your things just in case?

♥ I let myself come over me. I did not think it was frightening. When I got up after the operation, I was a bit startled. What heavy! I had a lot of pain, felt a great deal of pressure on my chest, that made me feel distressed and was sleepy because of the anesthesia. Fortunately I got something against the discomfort. You do not actually know exactly what to anticipate after the surgery unless you experience it yourself. Do not tension too much about this and go with the flow. If you have pain or other complaints, inform the doctor/ nurses. They can assist you. You need to go through it. You can do it!

♥ When can you go home? When will you let someone understand that you can come and gather? You can ask anything.


Personally, I found the healing actually for the very first 1.5 weeks. Others appear as fresh as a dog. I believe this is partially due to the method/ period of the operation and in exactly what condition your body is. The most important thing: TAKE REST. REPAIR WORK! Please do not be stubborn. By requiring things you can get encapsulation and so forth and obviously we do not desire a threat of warped breasts!

♥ The first couple of days I only wanted to sleep. It looked as if I had actually been run on my back rather than on my breasts. It will be a little analysis which attitude for you is great to sit/ lie down. Have you received a program or workouts to promote healing? Then follow this up.

♥ Do not be terrified of the shape of your brand-new breasts! They will probably be tight with the swelling and this is not the kind it will soon get. As time passes, the swelling drops, the moisture goes away and it gets a natural shape. I could only truly state what the actual form was after 6 months. And after 1 year I can only truly say that they feel similar to my own breasts. Smooth, soft and durable without complaints! It needs time. Do not be disappointed.

♥ Make an appointment the doctor for an after check. You often feel better after such a consultation because you are aware of the entire healing procedure.

♥ Do not buy too fast with brand-new bras. Your breasts will alter in the coming weeks. I think about 6 to 8 weeks ahead? Relax. It would be an embarassment if you needed to buy brand-new again in the future? Please do not rush with push ups bras … Do not do your fresh breasts well during the recovery.

♥ It can be challenging to accept assistance. Perhaps it tickles itself to do all type of tasks in your home or still raise your kid. Do not do it. Let it go. Accept the situation and gradually construct whatever up. If you do not make the effort to recover, you can get a regression afterwards.

I hope you have something to do with my ideas. This is all from individual experience. Do you want to ask, share or know something? Leave a remark particularly!.